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The Python @classmethod decorator assumes in the implementation of its __get__() method that the wrapped function is always a normal function. It doesn’t entertain the idea that the wrapped function could actually be a descriptor, the result of a nested decorator. This is an issue because it means that the complete descriptor binding protocol is not performed on anything which is wrapped by the @classmethod decorator.

The consequence of this is that when @classmethod is used to wrap a decorator implemented using @wrapt.decorator, that __get__() isn’t called on the latter. The result is that it is not possible in the latter to properly identify the decorator as being bound to a class method and it will instead be identified as being associated with a normal function, with the class type being passed as the first argument.

The behaviour of the Python @classmethod is arguably wrong and a fix to Python 3.4 for this issue is being pursued. The only solution is the recommendation that decorators implemented using @wrapt.decorator always be placed outside of @classmethod and never inside.

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